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The History of Boxing for the Street

Fred Gaspar, owner of Boxing for the Street, started studying the martial arts at the age of 8. His first martial art was Choy Lai Fut kung fu. After two years of this art he moved on to Ketsugo with Master Al Wong (Self defense instructor of the police department during the 80s). Although excelled at Ketsugo, boxing was in his blood. At the age of 12 Fred started boxing against the wishes of his father. Fred fought in the Junior Golden Gloves, the army, and professionally (Both as a boxer and kickboxer). Although, Fred enjoyed the competition, his true love was delving deeper into the martial arts aspects of boxing.

In 1987 Fred finally fulfilled a lifelong dream of teaching the martial arts aspects of boxing that is better known today as "Boxing for the Street". This unique take on boxing combines the old self defense techniques from the days of John L. Sullivan, Jim Corbett, and Jim Jeffries, with modern training methods used today. His students include undercover police officers, swat personnel, and other martial arts experts.

Fred's gym is for those looking for a friendly atmosphere to learn self defense, and improve overall physical conditioning.

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